Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Youth Exchange members sometimes sounds like they are talking in their own language! Here are some of our commonly used abbreviations, acronyms, etc.

  • OB - Outbound (OB) is our term for a student going out of our district to exchange with another district/country.
  • IB - Inbound (IB) is the term for a student coming into Alaska from another district/country.
  • RB - Rebound (RB) is the term we use for a student to returned from his or her exchange experience.
  • District - Rotary International is divided into districts. Some countries have many districts while some districts may cover more than one country. We are District 5010 and encompasses all of Alaska.
  • YEO - Youth Exchange Officers (YEO's) represent a Rotary Club participating in the exchange program. The YEO will generally be a primary contact for an Outbound, Inbound or Rebound assigned to or selected from a specific club.
  • Host Family - Host Families take in an exchange student for three to four months. The student lives in the family as if he or she is a regular family member.
  • WESSEX - The Western States Student Exchange, Inc. (WESSEX) is a non-commercial organization of more than 17 Rotary Districts in the Western United States who have pooled their resources to provide you effective & efficient services. We have an established network of trusted Rotarians involved in Youth Exchange throughout the world helping to ensure successful and safe student exchanges.
  • NAYEN - The North American Youth Exchange Network (NAYEN) is a collaborative network of Rotarians involved in Youth Exchange that work together to ensure positive and safe student exchanges.