What Is Expected of a Host Family?

What Is Expected of a Host Family?

Hosting a student can be a rewarding experience that requires responsibility. Here are the expectations for host families during the 3-4 month hosting period:

  • 1

    Communication: Establish communication with the student before their arrival.

  • 2

    Program Rules: Understand and ensure the student follows the program rules.

  • 3

    Emergency Contacts: Know how to contact key Rotarians in case of an emergency.

  • 4

    Safe Environment: Provide a safe and welcoming environment for the student to build trust and friendship with your family.

  • 5

    Inclusion: Make the student feel like a part of the family with the same privileges and obligations.

  • 6

    Cultural Adaptation: Encourage the student to learn and adopt your household’s ways.

  • 7

    Accommodation: Provide room and board, ensuring the student has their own bed or shares with a same-gender, similar-age child.

  • 8

    Study Space: Offer a private place in the home for the student to study.

  • 9

    Special Occasions: Recognize the student’s birthday and other special occasions.

  • 10

    Support Networks: Ensure the student knows how to contact family, friends, and other support networks.

  • 11

    Insurance Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the student’s travel insurance policy for emergencies.

  • 12

    Communication Channel: Share any concerns or questions about the student with the Rotarian host counselor promptly.

  • 13

    Club Contact: Maintain close contact with the host club and address problems and concerns promptly.

  • 14

    Wellbeing: Exercise supervisory and parental responsibility for the student’s wellbeing.

  • 15

    Community Involvement: Encourage the student’s involvement in community life, introducing them to neighbors, friends, and local groups.

  • 16

    Cultural Exchange: Teach the student about your local culture and learn about their culture.

  • 17

    Guidance: Advise the student on school, family, community matters, and friendship.

  • 18

    Benefits for Your Family: Hosting provides an opportunity to expose your family to another culture, learn from the student’s perspective, and build lasting friendships.

Looking for an incredible opportunity to travel abroad, immerse yourself in a different culture, and proudly represent your home country as an ambassador? Embark on an unforgettable journey as an outbound student, or consider the rewarding experience of becoming a host family. District 5010 Rotary Youth Exchange can make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Students typically live with two or three host families for a period of two to six months during their long-term exchange.

Apart from a potential increase in grocery bills, there are no additional costs for your family. The student receives $100 as pocket money from the club, and educational and medical expenses are covered.

Most students have a reasonable command of English, but you can also help them improve their language skills. Your local Rotary Club is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Interested in Becoming a Host Family?

Interested in Becoming a Host Family?

Contact your local Rotary Club for more information. The application process includes submitting photos of your home, background checks for household members over 18, youth protection awareness training, references, a home visit by a Rotarian, and an orientation with the Rotary Youth Exchange program.