YEAH replaces the Wessex Database and is the tool the District uses to maintain Student, Volunteer and Host Family records. YEAH is also where we add new Outbound Applicants and enables them to complete their Applications. The document also contains the links to start enrollment of new records (Students, Volunteers and Host Families) in the system.

YEAH PDF Document Links

Link Description
YEAH Portal Introduction

General introduction and walkthrough for working with the YEAH Portal.

YEAH Application Links

Click on the email links below to copy the email message to your clipboard, then use your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) to send the email.
Link Description

System Access

These links are for access to the YEAH program by approved Volunteer Users. They are secure and require system login rights.

Send Links to Rotarian

Host Family Application

Path for the Host Family Application. Sent to Host Family Applicants to start the process.

Send link to Prospective Host Family

Volunteer Application

Path for the Volunteer Application. Sent to new Volunteers to start the process.

Send link to Rotarian

Outbound Application

Path for the New Student Application. This link can also be used for students that have mis-placed their original link.

YEAH Help Files

Link Description
YEAH Help Files

Users have contributed lots of help files for YEAH for your reference and further instruction.

Host Family Vetting

Instructions for Vetting a Host Family.

Outbound Long Form Instructions

Details as to how Students are to get the link and submit their application.